Breakers Lawn Picnic Darling Day

This is a spectacular experience. With the help of Stoneacre events, we are able to provide guests with a truly special afternoon. A private, extravagant picnic is thoughtfully placed in the back yard of the Vanderbilt estate, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The complete day starts with a tour of Newport, which ends at the Breakers Mansion which you will enter and explore as you make your way to the back yard, where your picnic awaits. After your picnic, you will hop back in the car for more spectacular sights before concluding the afternoon.
Weekdays & Weekends
Price Per Person
$1400 per couple
5 Hour Tour
picnic, transportation and Breakers admission included.
The default pickup/drop off location for our Tours is 23 Americas Cup Avenue Newport, RI. This is the Gateway Transportation and visitors center, located next to Marriott Hotel. There is no physical store front here but rather a pickup spot at the "Taxi Lane" for picking up / dropping off guests. This is located between the bus terminal and the large parking lot/garage. Please arrive 15 min prior to your tour. If you are staying at a downtown Newport address (i.e. a hotel, vacation rental etc), we can certainly arrange a pickup for you there.
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